Attention span shrinks 🤯 - Your new B2B marketing mix needs

Updated: January 7th, 2024
Published: October 21st, 2023
In 2024, attention spans are down. And yes. Your B2B content mix needs to adapt - to convert leads and grow. Here is what’s going on and what to do about it.


Attention spans are ⬇️ And yes - your b2b content mix needs to adapt. Here is what’s going on and what to do about it..

Weekend browsing on LinkedIn - Hi, Gen Alpha..

Yesterday, I read a LI post by Therese Olsson - talking about how we now welcome Generation Alpha 👋 who is first to grow up with tech and internet from birth 🧑‍💻

The different generations and how your B2B content needs to adapt

As a result attention spans sink to 8-12 mins 🤯 and demand for micro-learning is on the rise..

At Univid we have seen this as a clear trend emerging during the past few years in B2B as well - with shorter more frequent webinars on the rise 📈 

Here is what’s happening..

Fun fact: A TED Talk is 18 minutes long - based on neuroscience and strategy 🧠

TED talk - where the length is adapted to human psychology

Yet a lot of B2B orgs still push non-interactive webinars beyond 1hr 🕢 expecting attendees to stay and convert..

🚗 the same attendees are on their phone on their way to work, at work, after work watching shorts on TikTok, YT, Reels..

🤔 retention rates are dropping and leads don’t stay until the end or convert

Why should B2B be any different?

Just like TikTok, YT, Reels have algos rewarding engagement + avg watch time - thus, making their creators go all in on this..

B2B content creators, marketers and webinars hosts now ALSO need to adapt the formula for successful video content in 2023 with (1) The hook and (2) The art of making people stay 👇

1. The hook

🪝Short format creators spend 80% of their time on the first 3s..

B2B Content - Get more retention by hooking the viewer

How long do you spend on your webinar intro? Or first 60 seconds of your video tutorial?

2. The art of making people stay

Then short format creators spend a TON of time on how to make people stay and engage.

From the webinar software Univid. Use polls and interaction when hosting webinars and livestreams - to keep the audience  watching and engaged. Otherwise they tab out.

For live video this could be using patterns like:

  • ✅ Activate with poll in the first 3 minutes

  • ✅ Welcome people with their name. Dare to get personal. Top live-streamers on both Twitch and TikTok do this too

  • ✅ Let the games begin.. run a few polls throughout to challenge your attendees and reward the top %

  • ✅ Put attendees in control via chat or polls to decide the sub topics or content - just like that interactive Netflix movie Bandersnatch

  • ✅ Split preparation into 50% on content, 50% on how to engage the audience

  • ✅ Ask for next week’s topic - allow for open input. In this way you, upfront, crowdsource relevant ideas and build demand of what people will stay for

B2B content before, not catering to the modern viewer experience

Well, while trust is key in b2b and that is not built in 2s clips - people still don’t want to watch hours of slow TV style content 📺

Wanna get inspired on crispy B2B content?

Mattias Åkerberg with Copykvarten is a great inspiration here to check out - with 15 min engaging boosts that draws a big crowd and lots of retention.

Instead of tabbing out, attendees ask - how do we get more? When’s the next one?

Over and out👋

Bye to +1 hour lecture style power hours w/o interaction. Hi interactivity!

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