The 7 Top Youtube Channels in SaaS in 2024

Updated: April 7th, 2024
Published: November 23rd, 2023
SaaS founder looking to grow your company in 2024? Or want to learn more about the world of SaaS? Here are the top 7 Youtube channels to keep track of in 2024.

As a fellow founder in B2B SaaS I consume a lot of content on YouTube and podcasts in my free time. I find it to be great inspiration, way to learn new growth strategies 🚀 Or just stay up to date on the latest trends 📈

After spending thousands of hours consuming SaaS content from podcasts, webinars, events and Youtube - here are 7 of the best Youtube channels in SaaS 👇


  1. MicroConf: the go to for bootstrapped SaaS

  2. Simon Hoiberg: SaaS tips with focus on AI/low code

  3. Y Combinator: the #1 academy for startup founders

  4. Jonathan Rintala: B2B SaaS growth tips and experiments

  5. Marc Lou: bootstrapped micro SaaS founder building in public

  6. Justin Kan: unfiltered advice from the founder of Twitch

  7. Alex Hormozi (bonus): solid stuff on sales/business in general, not specific to SaaS

1. MicroConf - the go to for bootstrapped SaaS

MicroConf - Top Youtube Channel in SaaS

MicroConf:s channel:

About MicroConf

MicroConf is a conference and community - designed for bootstrapped SaaS founders.

Why relevant for SaaS

The MicroConf channel features insightful keynotes and updates from Rob Walling, the founder of MicroConf. Rob has successfully launched 6 companies, invested in over 120 startups, and authored four books on the subject of bootstrapped SaaS.

2. Simon Høiberg - SaaS tips with focus on AI/low code

Simon Hoiberg - Top Youtube Channels in SaaS

Simon Høiberg:s channel:

About Simon Høiberg

Simon Høiberg has founded three SaaS companies himself - FeedHive, Linkdrip and Aidbase. Simon focus on bootstrapped growth, and use Youtube to grow his products himself.

Why relevant for SaaS

Simon Hoiberg's channel is a haven for SaaS geeks with a keen interest in artificial intelligence and low-code. Gain valuable perspectives on incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your SaaS ventures and optimizing efficiency with Simon's expert guidance

3. Y Combinator - the #1 academy for startup founders

Y Combinator - #1 Academy for Startup Founders Worldwide

Y Combinator:s channel:

About Y Combinator

As the #1 startup accelerator, with alumni companies like AirBnB, Dropbox, Twitch, and Stripe - Y Combinator's YouTube channel is a must-follow for aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs. Dive into hands-on knowledge from the startup elite - as experts and successful founders share their experiences, advice, and strategies for building and scaling innovative startups.

Why relevant for SaaS

Y Combinator, the top #1 startup academy with countless legendary SaaS alumni companies such as Stripe, Webflow and Zapier. It is a golden key for any SaaS entrepreneur. YC gives you access directly to the knowledge that successful founders have used to build unicorn companies with.

4. Jonathan Rintala - B2B SaaS growth and experiments

Jonathan Rintala - B2B SaaS, Video, and Growth Expert

Jonathan Rintala:s channel:

About Jonathan Rintala

Jonathan Rintala, a Swedish entrepreneur and co-founder of Univid - a SaaS for creating engaging webinars in 60 seconds with AI.

Why relevant for SaaS

With focus on B2B SaaS, content, and video - this channel provides growth tips and experiments to grow SaaS companies from 0 to $5M.

5. Marc Lou - bootstrapped micro SaaS founder building in public

Marc Lou:s channel:

Marc Lou - bootstrapped micro SaaS founder

About Marc Lou

Marc Lou, a micro SaaS founder with 6 micro SaaS companies in the portfolio. Building in public remote from Bali - sharing his learnings and life as a solo entrepreneur.

Why relevant for SaaS

Marc is a solopreneur that builds in public and shares a lot of transparent insights and advice on his journey, both ups and downs. Perfect for any founder who is looking to grow a micro SaaS or a portfolio of several companies - in contrast to the VC route.

6. Justin Kan - unfiltered advice from the founder of Twitch

Justin Kan - Founder of Twitch, VC, and Mentor in Startup Ecosystem

Justin Kan:s channel:

About Justin Kan

Justin Kan, the founder of Twitch turned venture capitalist at Goat Capital. Also, was part of one of the first batches of Y Combinator, and later became partner himself.

Why relevant for SaaS

Provides a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a founder. Gain insights into the mental aspects of entrepreneurship, hear some juicy stories from his journey, and lessons from Justin' experiences in the San Fransisco startup scene.

7. Alex Hormozi (bonus) - great entrepreneurship advice, not just SaaS

Alex Hormozi - Wise Sales and Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Alex Hormozi's channel:

About Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Gym Launch and Also, with over 2M subscribers on Youtube within just a few years, he has become a famous influencer in the business space. Also, author of the famous book "100M Offers" on the topic of how to make offers so good people feel stupid saying no.

Why relevant for SaaS

While not exclusively focused on SaaS, Alex Hormozi's channel is a goldmine of practical advice on how to think about sales and business strategies. A good way to go beyond SaaS-specific topics and expand business skills.


Stay ahead of the curve and level up your SaaS game by subscribing to these top YouTube channels. Whether you're a bootstrapped entrepreneur, a curious tech nerd exploring how to launch your AI SaaS, or venture-backed SaaS founder navigating the everyday challenges of hypergrowth - these channels offer a ton of nuggets to scale your SaaS to the next level.

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